Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HAITI :: Gearing up for Camp Jake 2013

(photo by Howard Chen)

If you haven't heard of Camp Jake
it's about time you did! 

Camp Jake is an annual camp for residents of St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Haiti. The summer of 2013 marks the 3rd camp experience for this dynamic group of children living in the heart of Port-au-Prince. 

  • For one week, children and youth with varying handicaps are sheltered from the social stigma surrounding them in their own country. 
  • For one week, campers are allowed to express themselves freely and creatively through music, art, sports, aquatics and a myriad of other avenues. 
  • For one week they each take part in occupational and physical therapy, expand on personal hygiene, and learn new career-building skills
  • Most importantly, for one week they learn to love and accept themselves for who they are—limitations and all—and experience that love and respect reciprocated by Camp Jake counselors. 

This summer experience for disabled children is as unique as the young man who envisioned it, Jake Richard. Jake's dream to provide a camp for those less fortunate than himself was realized through The Red Thread Promise in 2012 with 2 camps! As we embark on our 3rd adventure, we'd like to share this little book memorializing special moments from Camp Jake / July 2012. Enjoy!

We look forward to sharing our progress as plans are made for this summer's Camp Jake. If you would like more information about this dynamic program or are interested in volunteering as a counselor, please contact If you or your organization is interested in supporting Camp Jake through a financial gift, please contact for giving opportunities.

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