Saturday, May 26, 2012

St. John's supports our wheelchair program

A big thank you goes out to The Church of St. John's in the Village, New York City, for naming The Red Thread Promise it's 2012 Lenten beneficiary.

St. John's learned about The Red Thread from watching our PBS segment in January, 2012. Not long after the story aired, St. John's contacted Kathy who jumped at the opportunity to visit New York City. She met with the church's Outreach Committee and shared details about TRTP's domestic and international work.

One of St. John's bulletin boards

The committee later selected our All Terrain Wheelchair program as part of the church's Lenten journey and set to work sharing information with parishioners via word-of-mouth, internal and external bulletin boards and their website. The church began receiving donations on our behalf, raising funds for the maintenance and upkeep of our All Terrain Wheelchairs.

On May 13th, Kathy and husband, The Reverend Dr. Scott Albergate, visited St. John's to receive a check for $4,500 during their worship service. A beautiful prayer was offered at the dedication of the check that we'd like to share:

"I ask your prayers for peace; for goodwill among nations; 
and for the well-being of all people. Pray for the people of Haiti, 
especially all injured children, and for those working in 
The Red Thread project, that the most vulnerable of your people 
in this troubled land may be restored to fullness of life. 
Pray for peace and justice."

We are humbled that St. John's would think of The Red Thread's work during the holy season of Lent and are thrilled to share that a portion of their funds have already been put to their intended use. Kathy and Tom recently returned from Haiti where they worked with the employees of St. Vincent's on our wheelchairs.

We thank the parishioners and supports of The Church of St. John's in the Village and appreciate all they are doing to make the lives of disabled people in Haiti better.

Working on the wheelchairs

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