Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Well, not quite... But breakfast with Physicians for Peace was, in our opinion, much better!

TRTP Vice President, Sonya, met with Mary K and Mary W from Physicians for Peace (PFP) on Wednesday morning in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, at a cafe around the corner from PFP’s home office. Over sausage and eggs, the three shared information about their respective organizations and their various global projects. However, much of the conversation landed on the work of both groups in Haiti and the inaugural Camp Jake this coming winter.

Mary W (Physicians for Peace Public Relations & Communications Manager),
Sonya (TRTP Vice President) and Mary K (Physicians for Peace
Senior Director, Global Health Programs)

During the discussion, it didn't take long to identify the shared vision and philosophy between The Red Thread Promise and Physicians for Peace. Both organizations value building relationships with their in-country partners and those they serve, getting to know the people and culture in their respective work areas. They each work hand-in-hand to provide education to local professionals, ensuring that host country healthcare professionals and others can continue the work long after the volunteer teams have gone. Both respect the cultures in which they work and only provide services and supplies that align with the needs and requests of their in-country partners.

As these similarities were laid on the table, it was clear to see that this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership. We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet these ladies and get a better understanding of Physicians for Peace.

Hundreds, probably thousands, of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are currently working in Haiti. The more we can team together to provide exceptional care in an efficient manner, pulling our resources (whether financial, medical or educational in nature), the more we can help Haitians help themselves.

If there are others that would like to have Breakfast with The Red Thread Promise to share ideas and build relationships, please let us know!

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