Saturday, May 7, 2011

Camp Jake Richard

We are SO excited to announce our newest program in Haiti!

INTRODUCING CAMP JAKE RICHARD, the first summer camp for St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. For the precious orphans of St. Vincent’s, Camp Jake Richard will turn a long, hot summer with no family, no school, and no respite from cultural ridicule into a summer to remember.

Camp Jake Richard is an annual summer camp especially for the disabled children of St. Vincent’s. The camp will be held for two, 10-day sessions each summer. The children of St. Vincent’s will travel just 1.5 hours north by bus to reach the camp that is worlds away from their everyday lives in the city.

St. Vincent's students who may attend Camp Jake in summer 2011

There they will be greeted by a volunteer staff of counselors with varying backgrounds, chosen for their ability to provide both a fresh and cohesive camp experience. Staff will include interpreters for the deaf, musicians, artists, cooks, crafts-people and mentors to help with the children’s physical limitations.

While at camp, the children will be encouraged to express themselves creatively, to let loose physically and emotionally, and to explore life in ways that will broaden their horizons and deepen their self confidence.

Camp Jake Richard is designed to remove physical, mental and emotional barriers, giving the kids the opportunity to engage in:
  • Creative arts therapy, such as sculpting, painting, music, sewing and jewelry making, which will be both fun and therapeutic, as well as teach valuable skills to enable career opportunities after graduation.
  • Physical, life and social activities, including sports, aquatics, baking, cooking and a special Olympics designed to free them of any physical affliction, impediment or fear.
The cost per child is estimated to be $575. This includes food, drinks, snacks, transportation, activity supplies, lodging and unforeseen expenses. This fee includes both spoken and sign language interpreters that will be shared among multiple campers.

Jake Richard is a vibrant teenager with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare and progressive disease that involves rapidly worsening muscle weakness. His life expectancy is in his mid teens. The dream of Jake and his family is to provide a fun summer experience for children with handicaps in honor of Jake and his life.

Jake Richard and his mother

Jake and his mother began running together in 2009. He sits in a custom made push chair in his favorite color, orange. They created Team Jacob (not to be confused with Jacob's Fund) to inspire others with hope and courage no matter what obstacles you are facing.

The team's favorite quote is "Always look on the bright side of life" and that's exactly what they do when they run and now through the creation of Camp Jake.

When you send a donation in support of Camp Jake Richard, you do more than send money—you send hope to a Haitian child with a disability.

To make a contribution of any amount, please contact:

The Red Thread Promise | 504.520.9626 | 817.320.6522

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