Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visiting Blanc

The team visited Blanc during the May trip. It was great to see how the all-terrain wheelchair is making a difference in his life. He was very thankful for the transformative gift and expressed his deep gratitude to The Red Thread Promise.

Blanc and his wife in front of their home in Gramothe

Blanc shared that he is now able to do his prescribed therapy more comfortably and that his upper body strength has greatly increased. He appears much stronger and healthier than the photos taken just weeks earlier when the wheelchair was delivered in April.

The path to Blanc's home

The Haitian terrain is a constant barrier to mobility for disabled citizens. Pictured above is the roof of their home. As with many residences, it has been built into the side of the mountain. The path leading to the front door runs steeply down the left side of the house. Due to the rainy season, many mountain roads and foot paths are completely washed out and the wheelchair has allowed Blanc mobility that he would not have had otherwise.

Saying goodbye

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