Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Word From Sonja, One of Our Board Members

"Many of you know that I am a Board member for a 501(c)(3) charity called The Red Thread Promise. After years of waiting for the right cause to support, I chose The Red Thread Promise because of the profound impact we can make, one life at a time, on the future of the world's orphans. My devotion is inspired by my own two Chinese daughters, one of whom, Jenna, came to us with a "special need." Here in America, fueled by Cheerios, Dora the Explorer, and lots and lots of Cetaphil, Jenna doesn't have any special needs, but in China, she had a dim future. Through The Red Thread Promise, we can help other children with minor or major medical needs. Sometimes it's a compression stocking, sometimes, heartbreakingly, it's palliative care. In every case, though, we help children who have no other options.

"We have recently been honored with an invitation to an open enrollment window at Global Giving. Global Giving, in its words, connects " 'good idea people' with the 'generous giver people' and helps projects of all sizes receive donations of all sizes." If we raise $3000 in the next three weeks from 60 different people, we will be offered a permanent home at Global Giving. For our open enrollment project, we have selected our upcoming trip to Haiti. We have launched a medical supply drive to stock the Rivers of Hope orphanage. While we are there, we will be evaluating the children to determine how to prioritize their medical needs.

"If you can help with even $5, we would greatly appreciate it. Because the open enrollment window requires both a breadth and depth of donors, you'll be helping as much with $5 as you will with $100. And if you can donate again in the name of your child or your spouse, we'd be doubly grateful.

"There is no shortage of worthy charities, and, these days, no abundance of discretionary funds. I do appreciate every dollar you can donate. Please consider that every bit of help we get here serves us many times over by getting us a permanent spot at Global Giving, where we will gain incredibly valuable exposure to a worldwide audience. Further, and most importantly, know that your dollars will directly and meaningfully impact children who desperately need your help."

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