Friday, August 1, 2008

What is Unique About The Red Thread Promise Blog?

We believe many adoptive parents think about the kids that remain in orphanages. They wish they could help, but they don't know what action to take. Some of us are broke, or close to broke due to the cost of our adoption(s), and the after-care support that our kids need to live healthy, happy lives. Insurance meets some needs, but not all. We're thankful for our kids and occasionally have a sinking feeling when we think of all the random actions that brought our child(ren) to our home. We can't imagine what our own kids' lives would have been in an orphanage, had they remained. We really would love to help, but aren't sure what we can do, besides write a check out once or twice a year to groups who are in the trenches, caring for kids without families.

Well, we're all consumers; we spent painful amounts to just care for our families. Are we willing to become more conscious consumers if it will bless the kids that remain behind who need medical care? The Red Thread Promise Blog will provide opportunities for families to bless kids without families, by spending the money they'll spend anyway, just a bit more consciously. We're not going to be asking for donations on a regular basis. We're asking that you consider spending more consciously, through opportunities on our blog, that will benefit kids.

I hate asking people for money! Loved Brownies, and HATED selling cookies! My daughter is joining a special group for singers, and I am committed to selling $175 of Butterbraids before she even starts. I don't even know what Butterbraids are yet, and I'm sweating at the thought of asking people to buy them! They might be awesome and maybe people who eat Butterbraids can only get them once a year, but I'm dreading asking people for money!

So, upfront, I won't be asking you for checks written out to The Red Thread Promise everytime you stop by. Now, incase any of you have rich relatives who are looking for a good cause, we'd happily accept a check from THEM! Please bookmark us now, and check back every now and then to see the ways that you can support The Red Thread Promise kids, Think adoptive families are up to the challenge? I sure do!

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Kay Bratt said...

That is so great that you would do this-- I also hate asking for money, but during my time in China, it seems to flow to me without much effort--and was used to do amazing things in the orphanage. Good Luck.